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Term Description
Wall thickness The thickness of applied insulation or jacket
Water Absorption The percentage of water weight absorbed by a material after a given immersion period
Watt A unit of electrical power. One watt is equivalent to the power represented by one ampere of current under a pressure of one volt in a DC circuit
Wavelength The distance of a repetitive electrical pulse or waveform between two successive points; measured in the direction of propagation
WEEE The abbreviation for Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment. This makes the manufacturer responsible for disposal of products that have reached the end of life status.
Wicking The longitudinal flow of liquid in a wire or cable due to capillary action
Wind Turbine Tray Cable UL (Underwriter's Laboratories)Standard 2277; National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 336 of NFPA 70
Wire A single conductor, typically includes a covering of insulation
Wire Gauge A measure of the diameter of sizes of wires. The sizes are expressed by numbers.
Working Voltage See definition of "Voltage Rating"
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