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Term Description
Valley Any void between the insulated conductors of a cable or between a cable and its core. See Interstices.
Velocity of Propagation (VP) The speed a signal travels down a length of cable as compared to the speed in free air and is directly dependent upon the dielectrical material properties
VHF Abbreviation for Very High Frequency (30 to 300 MHz)
Video Pair Cable A transmission cable containing low-loss pairs with an impedance of 125 ohms; used for TV pick ups, closed circuit TV, telephone carrier circuits, etc.
Volt A unit of electrical pressure. One volt is the amount of pressure that will create one ampere of current in one ohm of resistance.
Voltage Electrical potential or electromotive force expressed in volts
Voltage rating The highest voltage that may be continuously applied to a wire in conformance with standards or specifications
Voltage Standing Wave Ration (VSWR) The ratio of the maximum effective voltage to the minimum effective voltage; measured along the length of a mis-matched radio frequency transmission line
Volume Resistivity(Specific Insulation Resistance) The electrical resistance between opposite faces of a 1 cm. cube of insulation material; commonly expressed in ohms-cm
Vulcanization An irreversible process in which a rubber or polymeric compound becomes thermoset through changes to its chemical structure (for example, cross-linking)
VW-1 A flammability rating established by Underwriters Laboratories for wires and cables that pass a specifically designed vertical flame test; formerly designated FR-1

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