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Term Description
OFC/OFN Designation of Fiber Optic cable which meets Steiner Tunnel test
OFCR/OFNR Designation of Riser Fiber Optic cable which meets Riser flame test
Ohm Unit of resistance such that a constant current of one ampere produces a force of one volt
Optical Fiber Cable UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) Standard 1651; National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 770 of NFPA 70
OSHA Abbreviation for Occupation Safety and Health Act (specifically the Williams-Steiger law passed in 1970, covering all factors relating to safety in places of employment)
Outgassing The percentage of gas released during combustion of a material
Overall Diameter Finished diameter over wire or cable
Overcoat Individual strands of tin copper wire stranded together and then covered with a tin coating
Overcoated Copper Stranded conductor with overall tin coating, typically used in AWG sized 28 through 18 AWG
Overlap The amount the trailing edge laps over the leading edge of a tape wrap
Oxygen Index Percentage of oxygen necessary to support combustion of a specified material
Ozone A highly active form of oxygen produced by the passage of electric discharges or sparks through air or oxygen
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