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Term Description
Lacquer A liquid resin or compound applied to textile braid to prevent fraying, moisture absorption, etc.
Laminated Tape A tape consisting of two or more layers of different materials bonded together
Lay The axial distance required for one cabled conductor or conductor strand to complete one revolution about the axis around which it is cabled
Lay Direction The twist in the cable as indicated by the top strands while looking along the axis of the cable away from the observer (described as "right hand" or "left hand")
Leakage Current The undesirable flow of current through or over the surface of an insulation
Life Cycle A test to determine the length of time before failure in a controlled (usually accelerated) environment
Limits of Error The maximum deviation (in degrees or percent) of a thermocouple or thermocouple extension wire from standard emf-temperature to be measured
LOCO Abbreviation for "loss of coolant accident"; a system malfunction associated with nuclear generating stations
Longitudinal Shield A tape shield (flat or corrugated) applied longitudinally with the axis of the core being shielded
Loop Resistance The total resistance of two conductors measured round trip from one end
Loss Factor The product of the dissipation and dielectric constant of an insulating material
Low Loss Dielectric An insulation material that has a relatively low dielectric loss, such as Polyethylene or Teflon
Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) The destination for materials that emit little or no smoke

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