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Power Limited Circuit Cable UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) Standard 13; National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 725 of NFPA 70
Prefused Copper A conductor material that consists of twisted strands of heavy tinned copper fused with heat along its entire length
Primary Insulation The first layer of nonconductive material applied directly over a conductor
Propagation Delay Time required for a signal to pass from the input to the output of a device
Propagation Time Time required for an electrical wave to travel between two points on a transmission line
Pulling Eye A device fastened to a cable to which a hook might be attached in order to pull the cable into or from a duct
Pulse A current or voltage that changed abruptly from one value to another and back to the original value in a finite length of time; used to describe one particular variation in a series of wave motions.
Pulse Cable A type of coaxial cable constructed to transmit repeated high voltage pulses without degradation
Pyrometer See definition of "Thermocouple Thermometer"

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