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Arc A luminous glow formed by the flow of electric current through ionized air, gas or vapor between separated electrodes or contacts; a portion of the circumference of a circle
Arc Over Voltage The minimum voltage required to create an arc between electrodes separated by a gas or liquid insulation under specified conditions
Arc Resistance The degree to which a material opposes the formation of a conductive path
Area of Conductor The size of a conductor cross section measured in circular mils, square inches, etc.
Armor A braid or wrapping of metal, usually steel, used for mechanical protection (generally placed over the outer sheath)
Armored Cable A cable having a metallic covering for protection against mechanical injury
ASA The American Standards Association (former name of ANSI)
ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASP A filled direct burial telephone cable used in areas subject to rodent attacks. It consists of a filled cable core, corrugated aluminum shield, corrugated steel tape, flooding compound and polyethylene jacket.
ASTM The American Society for Testing and Materials
Attenuation Power loss in an electrical system. In cables, generally expressed in dB per unit length (usually 100 ft.)
Audio Frequency The range of frequencies audible to the human ear (usually 20-20,000 Hz.)
AWG Abbreviation for American Wire Gauge
AWM Designation for appliance wiring material

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