New GameChanger Cable suited for tough environments

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  • 09.11.2023

For over six years, customers have been looking to Paige to help simplify their long-distance category cable runs, and I believe most would agree our patented solution has been a game changer! The ability to deliver up to 2.5Gbps and 100W of PoE over 656 feet (200 meters) is certainly a powerful tool in the hands of any IT designer, project manager or installer. The GameChanger® Cable from Paige is available in many constructions (Riser, Plenum, OSP, OSP Shielded, ITC-HL for CID1 environments and more…) and our aim has always been to help our customers connect the technology they need where they need it.

Today, we’re announcing a new construction of GameChanger Cable (part 258950806) which allows you to extend your long-distance cabling infrastructure to some of the toughest environments. How did we do it? We engineered GameChanger with FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) insulators and an FEP jacket FEP is a material that provides exceptional resistance to moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

For particularly tough environments, this gives customers an extended distance Ethernet solution that eliminates the expense and challenge of trying to add boosters or electronics in difficult conditions which are prone to fail.

Indoor/Outdoor Plenum

This new construction of GameChanger can be used as indoor/outdoor plenum – where the cable can run indoors (without conduit), extend outdoors (in conduit), and operate effectively in wet environments. This capability adds an important benefit where GameChanger is already widely used for applications including voice, video, data and WiFi. If your install requires water-blocking gel, shielding or a 600v rating, check out 258330804 or 258340804 as other options in the GameChanger family.  If your install’s indoor portion doesn’t require a plenum rating, don’t forget to check out our various OSP options as well.

Extreme Temperatures

Additionally, with its ability to endure extreme temperatures, the new construction using FEP technology is an efficient way to extend network coverage in typically challenging applications, including oil and gas facilities, transportation and infrastructure, and cold storage facilities. The temperature ratings for this construction range from -40°C to +200°C (-40°F to +392°F).

Oil & Gas Resistance

FEP is also highly resistant to moisture and abrasive fluids like oil and gas.  This makes this construction a great option for installations in the Oil & Gas markets where IP devices need to be connected in dirty conditions across long distances.

Overcoming the challenges of extending Ethernet power and connectivity beyond 100 meters, our solution eliminates the need for extra hardware and its susceptibility to harsh conditions. Whether facing frigid temperatures, intense heat or chemically demanding environments, our product lives up to its name as a GameChanger.


Did you know? Paige engineers developed the first long-distance Ethernet cable over 7 years ago. We hold four U.S. patents on our cutting-edge technology. As we continue to bring new constructions to the market, our customers know they can trust the GameChanger by Paige – the first, the original, and the only patented long-distance category cable on the market! To view our other constructions and download spec sheets, visits


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David Coleman joined the Paige team in 2016 and serves at the VP, Datacom & Marketing. David brings to Paige over 20 years of management experience since his beginnings at Genesis Cable Systems.
David Coleman
VP of Datacom & Marketing