A group of unstandard issue Men & Women, who takes your business services.

The Paige legacy spans more than 60 years, leading our industry in expertise, customer service, a culture of employee ownership, and a track record of proven success as a company and by those that run it.

Paige has been shaped by its employees, who top to bottom, own the company. From the factory floor to the executive offices, every single Paige employee is invested in the success of its clients and products.

Our Vision

To be the most respected corporation for our peerless customer service, cutting edge engineering, and industry wisdom that guides our clients to decisions that make positive impacts on their bottom line. And we deliver it with integrity, honesty, and quality that can’t be matched.

Our Corporate Leader

The leadership team is made of the newest generation of forward-thinking industry veterans who have made their careers by shaping industries, pushing innovation, and creating a culture of excellence in every position they’ve held.

Corporate Responsibility